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Dr. Tonya Coutts, RAc, DTCM

Chiropractor Langdon, Dr. Tonya Coutts
Dr. Coutts Wirth RAc DTCM has always had an interest in health care and led and active life style. It was in 2006; at the height of her professional cooking career she decided a change was needed in order to maintain a high level of health and emotional balance.

Dr. Coutts Wirth studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CITCM) in Calgary, Alberta.

She Completed the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine program in 2010. Her studies of eastern medicine, a four year program including the foundations of TCM, Tui Na Massage, acupuncture, western biomedical sciences and diagnostic methods as well as the TCM program of diagnosis and treatment using the full spectrum of modalities available to a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Tonya had an amazing faculty to learn from and mentor, the clinical experience at CITCM was second to none and every effort made ensuring the success of their students and the safety of their patients. On weekends and evenings she made an effort to follow mentors and teachers in their private clinics to gain perspective of private practice and to develop her own practice matrix.

Education and Experience

When Dr. Tonya finished her program and completed her board exams she went to study in China at the Mian Yang Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Sichuan province of China. This teaching hospital is affiliated with the Cheng Du University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of China’s leading TCM schools. Being in the midst of a fully integrated hospital and the deep culture fueled her fire for an integrated system of medicine.

Dr. Coutts Wirth uses the full spectrum of Traditional Chinese Medicine incorporating herbs, therapeutic cupping, auricular therapy and nutrition into her practice. She is a member in good standing with the College and Association of Acupuncturists (CAAA) and sits on the board for the Alberta Association of Traditional Chinese Medical Doctors (AATCMD). She has taken a special interest in perpetuating the success and value of her profession, and is an active member in promoting the benefits of acupuncture and its co-conspirator Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Tonya has further enhanced and updated her skills through professional continuing education seminars, taking courses NADA protocol, pediatrics with Raven Lang, obstetrics with Debra Betts and TUNG system (Painless acupuncture) with Robert Chu and is always looking for ways to sharpen her skill set.

Dr. Tonya has been in full time practice since 2010 and with Langdon Chiropractic and Wellness Centre since 2014.


Dr. Tonya Coutts | (403) 936-2450